A marketplace app for artists & designers to recycle and exchange resources (in progress)

A marketplace app for artists & designers to recycle and exchange resources (in progress)
UX design, UI design, Visual Identity


As part of my masters in UX design with Falmouth university we were set a solo product design brief. I turned to the Climate Designers community for inspiration, where I came across Wastevine: conceptualised by architect Alex Groszek as a pilot app to facilitate responsible use of materials in design. I loved the idea, which intersects with my interest in the circular and sharing economies. So I proposed designing a 2.0 version of the app, which Alex agreed to.


Design students need easy online access to reasonably priced sustainable materials so that they can minimise the environmental impact of their work.

Wastevine exists to facilitate re-use and upcycling of waste in the design industries and academia. Starting with the idea that developing a creative practice often begins at university, we focused on designer-maker students as an initial audience.

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In Progress

I initially interviewed students about their current habits regarding material sourcing and use, they all wanted to make their creative practice more sustainable, but didn't know where to start. After initial sketches and drafting user flows I conducted usability testing with low-fidelity prototypes which helped me get some more contextual information about how a digital product could support students & designers in their material sourcing. Personalisation came up as a way to tailor the 'browse' page for students of varying creative disciplines.

Visual identity & landing page

The visual identity was a rapid ideation completed over 2 days, which was a challenge but a lot of fun. It's likely to evolve as high-fidelity testing takes place, as the student's views will be considered. I also designed a responsive landing page to explain the app which Alex can use to seek funding. It's currently a prototype and will be built in Webflow.

Current status

I'm currently in the stage of creating a high-fidelity prototype for the mobile app, which will go through another round of testing with the students before finalising and designing the desktop version.

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