An ecommerce site for a farm-to-table social enterprise in the Sacred Valley 🇵🇪

An ecommerce site for a farm-to-table social enterprise in the Sacred Valley 🇵🇪
Suelo Sagrado
Brand Design, UI Design

The client

Suelo Sagrado is a family business run by a brother and sister team. They connect organic farmers and artisan food producers with residents in the Sacred Valley, with farm to door delivery.


Suelo Sagrado needed to speed up the launch of their online shop when the pandemic caused the traditional Peruvian food markets to close. Many farmers were left without a place to sell and reached out to the project. I joined their team remotely in January 2021 along with a web developer in Peru to get their ecommerce site off the ground within a month.


We designed a fully-responsive, bilingual ecommerce site that centres the stories of the farmers and the values of the project. We created a practical, easeful shopping experience for both Spanish & English speakers in the Sacred Valley. Residents can find fresh, organic farm produce close to home and learn more about the origins of their food.

Suelo Sagrado farm-to-table ecommerce site, homepage screens
Suelo Sagrado illustrations describing how it works for the suppliers
Screen showing map of sacred valley and 'about' page
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A mini brand expansion

I expanded on Suelo Sagrado's current branding with new colours, illustrations and icons. They wanted the site to be clean with playful details to highlight the local product.

I drew upon my own experience of living in the valley and the team's bank of photography to pick out regional elements and colours for to playfully communicate the business' local-first perspective. I created hand-drawn instructional illustrations and icons to communicate Suelo Sagrado's values which they wanted to highlight front and centre.🌾

Suelo Sagrado colour
Suelo Sagrado icons
Suelo Sagrado veg illustrations
Suelo Sagrado logos

Producer stories

To create an online experience that comes close to visiting the local market, we wanted to highlight the farmer and seller stories. These have been woven throughout the site so that buyers can learn more about the people who grow & make their food.

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