An app to create, share and discover natural soundscapes around the world 🦜

An app to create, share and discover natural soundscapes around the world 🦜
Falmouth University
Brand Design, UI & UX Design


This project was part of a Rapid Ideation brief for my Masters in UX Design at Falmouth University. I decided to focus on concept development and mastering prototyping in Adobe XD. The RI took place over two weeks, part-time. I spent a day on each phase: Research, Ideation, Paper prototyping, Branding & style guides, High-fidelity prototyping


We now spend about 90% of our time indoors, almost 70% of which is at home. (Delos.2020) We are more disconnected from nature than ever. Yet we know that spending time in nature is important for our emotional and physical wellbeing. Even virtual nature experiences can have an impact on boosting wellbeing according to a new study from the BBC.


An app that allows you to discover and listen to sounds of nature from around the world. Creating soundscape collections so you can enjoy jungle sounds on your commute and sleep to the sound of ocean waves. Encouraging users to upload (and therefore stop and appreciate) the subtlety of nature's soundscapes.

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The why

The idea was sparked by a personal experience. During the pandemic, my dad started sending me soundclips of birdsong in his garden. I live on the other side of the world and was unable to travel, so these familiar nature sounds brought comfort and connection.

I started to think about how it must feel to be stuck indoors in a city at this time, or housebound due to illness without the chance to get out into the natural world. So I conducted research into how sounds from nature impact on human wellbeing.

I discovered that I was not alone in my curiosity on this topic, that the BBC & University of Exeter were conducting a large-scale research project on how virtual nature experiences, including sound, can boost wellbeing, and even feed into therapeutic interventions.

More detail on my process & research here

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