A values-led brand identity and website for business impact consultant 🇮🇹

A values-led brand identity and website for business impact consultant 🇮🇹
Brand Design, UI & UX Design

FairForce helps entrepreneurs to integrate social equity principles into their business strategy.

Founder Marg came to us in search of a new bold visual expression, voice and an online presence to sell her consulting services.

I took on this project as part of a creative partnership with copywriter Jasmine Sara. We worked together on the information architecture and branding implementation to create a user journey that invites discovery yet has a clear end goal – to book a call with Marg. It was important that the FairForce past projects acted as a key communication tool to demonstrate the impact and process of Marg's work, as her services are custom designed for each project.

Fair Force service page
Fair Force main screens
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The site was also designed to share Marg's vision for impact-led business.

We used contrasting visual hierarchies so the reader can scan the page and read the key takeaways. Yet allowed space for Marg to delve deeper into her message and methodology.

Bold, playful symbols represent the building blocks of Marg's manifesto and fit together in several formats to add visual balance and texture to the site. Marg chose the colour fuchsia to reclaim the “girly” vibe, and we built out the palette from there with strong contrasting tones. She chose this colour as a reminder that “girly” is not equal to weak or unprofessional, but a whole statement: “we – as women and communities from traditionally marginalized groups – are allowed to take space and be loud.”

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